15 Best Makeup Primers That Actually Last All Day

It’s the eternal question: Does primer really work? In short, yes. But shopping for the best makeup primer takes a bit of trial and error. In some ways, it can seem more sensible to put your money toward your skincare routine or a really good foundation, because for all its claims—ensuring foundation glides on smoothly and stays put for hours for a seamless makeup application—few face primers actually gave results. But within the mountains of options, there are a handful that follow through, and when you find them, they’re life-changing enough that you’ll be glad you persevered. 

“The same way that a painter will prime a wall before it’s painted, makeup primers will enhance your canvas so that your products look better, last longer, and cater to your skin’s specific needs,” says celebrity makeup artist Deanna Paley, who counts SZA and Becky G among her clients. “Whether you have dry skin, redness, large pores, oily, or dull skin, there’s a primer that’ll combat all of the above while allowing your makeup to last longer—some even up to 24 hours.” It goes without saying that it’s a nonnegotiable every time she preps a client for an event.

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