All The New Roku Smart Home Products & Where You Can Buy Them

Roku has officially announced its entry into the smart home business by launching multiple IoT products as part of its partnership with Wyze Labs. The news comes a couple of days after a leaked photo revealed that the company was planning to expand its footprint to the smart home segment. The image, reportedly taken at a Walmart store, showed a stack of retail boxes for Roku smart lighting strips. In addition, the Redditor who posted the photo claimed they also spotted some Roku LED bulbs and security cameras, suggesting a full-fledged IoT foray.

Best known for its digital media players that compete with Amazon’s Fire TV and Google’s Android TV, Roku has been one of the catalysts behind the cord-cutting movement in the U.S. The company sells many smart set-top boxes and USB dongles, including the all-new 2022 Roku Express that supports dual-band Wi-Fi, Digital Stereo over HDMI and DTS Digital Surround Sound over HDMI. Earlier this year, the company also announced that its premium player, the Roku Ultra, will now be bundled with the top-of-the-line Roku Voice Remote Pro.

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