In this article you will learn all about portable air compressor: types of portable air compressors, when buying a car compressor, Best car compressor,Importance of proper tire pressure, know what the correct tire pressure should be ETC.

Since there are many different models of air compressors on the market, buying the right model can be quite a challenge. When it comes to choosing a portable device, there are many factors to consider, such as power, usability, size, power supply, and more. In this article, we will explain what you need to consider before buying a car compressor, as well as answer frequently asked questions about choosing portable compressors.

What is a portable air compressor?

A portable air compressor is an electric pump that is used to inflate or deflate car tires. It pumps air and accumulates it in the reservoir and can fill the tire with the necessary pressure.

What are the types of portable air compressors?

There are several different types of portable air compressors. The ones we mention in this article are small and can be stored inside a car. Both 12/220V voltages are also available. Typically large air compressors are used in workshops to drive pneumatic tools and require a lot of power. The car compressors we’re discussing in this article are small and built to be carried in your hand and fill tires quickly on the side of the road or in your garage at home.

What should be considered when buying a car compressor?

There are some things you should check after you are about to buy a portable air compressor. Choosing the right one can be tricky, but there are some things that can make things easier.

Max pressure

It is very important to check the maximum pressure generated by the compressor. First you need to check how much pressure your tires require. Typically these compressors on this list produce a maximum pressure of between 45-70kg per square inch, which is more than enough for most tires, but you need to be sure they can fill the required pressure if you have tires that require a lot of pressure. Typically tire pressure is around 20kg per square inch and you have to make sure the compressor can build it up.


The LED light is a great feature if you realize your tire is empty at night or in some other dark place. Check out the air compressor with a bright LED light or make sure you always have one external light inside the car.

Wire length

The length of the air compressor wire is really important. You need to make sure the length of either the 12 volt or pressure hose is long enough to reach from the connector to all of your tires on your vehicle. Sometimes a 12V plug is installed in the trunk of a car and you have to use a long wire to get to the front wheels.


Another important thing to pay attention to is the speed of the air compressor. It’s really not a good idea to stand on the side of the road in the middle of the night and wait 20 minutes for a tire to fill up. Choose an air compressor with high speed.

Weight and size

The weight and size of an air compressor is important if you want to store it in the trunk of your car. Most of these tire infiltrators are small and can be stored in a glove box, but some are getting bigger and bigger and can be difficult to carry unless you are very strong.

12 V or from the mains 220 V

You should also check which connector you want for your air compressor. Some compressors are 12 volt, some use 110/240 volt wall mounts, and some have both. There is even one on this list that requires a battery. Before buying, make sure that the compressor has the right connectors.


The quality of the compressor plays an important role, which affects both the reliability of the pump and its service life. It’s hard to check the quality over the Internet, but there are many reviews on YouTube.

Best 5 portable air compressor

VacLife ACDC 2-in-1 Tire Inflator - Portable Air Compressor,
VacLife AC/DC 2-in-1 Tire Inflator

VacLife Tire Inflator Portable Air Compressor
VacLife Tire Inflator Portable Air Compressor

EPAuto 12V DC Portable Air Compressor Pump
EPAuto 12V DC Portable Air Compressor Pump

GSPSCN Dual Cylinder DC 12V Air Compressor
GSPSCN Dual Cylinder DC 12V Air Compressor

Digital Air Compressor for Car Auto Pump Portable
Digital Air Compressor for Car Auto Pump Portable

Importance of proper tire pressure

If you don’t have the correct tire pressure, you will notice a significant difference when you turn the steering wheel. May feel heavier than usual. This is due to the low pressure in the front tires. Also, if you have low gas mileage, it could also be due to incorrect tire pressure.

An under-inflated tire is just as dangerous as an over-inflated one. This is because without enough pressure to keep the machine running, the tires will take on the extra pressure and when the rim falls on them, the tires will begin to tear along with the weight and edge of the rim. Eventually your tire will lose its shape and when it re-inflates you will see tear marks on the face of the tire.

Similarly, over-inflated tires will wear them out faster on rough surfaces – this will further affect traction as the tire may not fully grip the road to maintain traction and reduce braking and performance in critical situations.

So, now you understand why over-inflated or under-inflated tires are bad. After that, the question arises, how to set them to the correct pressure?

How do you know what the correct tire pressure should be?

Different car models use different tire pressures. In any case, take this as an indication, but it’s good to note that your tire can clearly be one if you fill it with the exact pressure indicated on the bodywork inside the driver’s door or in the owner’s manual.

To get a more accurate PSI, you need to keep in mind the normal weight of your car, which also includes the weight of passengers as well as the amount of gas in the tank. The correct pressure for your tires is usually listed in your owner’s manual or written on the body of your car when you open the driver’s door. 

For basic driving, it’s a good habit to note the correct tire pressure and fill it 10% more than indicated. With the intention of providing an excellent indication of the appropriate tire pressure.

The tires of older cars tended to wear out in the middle of the tire if there was too much pressure inside it. Currently, you can confidently drive a car with a slightly higher pressure than advertised. You’ll actually get better fuel economy and handling, and the tires won’t wear down the middle like the old ones. It should be noted that we are talking about 10-15% excess of the declared pressure. Exceeding this can be dangerous and your vehicle may become bouncing and loss of control may occur. You also wear out your tires faster and there is a risk of them exploding.

It’s worth mentioning that you should always fill your tires when they are cold, because when the tires are hot, the pressure inside them increases, and what happens if you fill it up to 2 bars when they are hot? Yes, when cold, they will probably have 1.5-1.8 bar inside them, and this pressure is not enough.


If you’re buying a tire pump as a “just in case” thing, then it doesn’t matter what budget you’re talking about. Inexpensive models are not difficult to buy, but they really can not live up to expectations. They are excruciatingly slow, often uncomfortable, and require multiple cooling breaks while pumping. As a result, you will spend 3 times more time inflating tires.

That’s why we advise customers who want to service their tires frequently or have multiple vehicles to buy something a bit more expensive but more efficient. In the you will find reliable and high-quality automotive compressors in a different price range.

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